Need to buy a UK drivers license

You can buy a UK driving license with no tests required

To begin with, self-driving around in UK is one of the best experiences you can have. Still, it might be a daunting prospect for those visiting from abroad. While the minimum legal age to drive is 17 buy you can go with a provisional permit even if you are 16 – Need to buy a UK drivers license

However, to buy real a UK driving licence requires you to pass tests and have an insurance policy that enables you to drive without supervision. The application fee is fixed for each assessment, while the tuition fee may vary depending on where you take the training. Buy driving license with no tests required

All this may add up to a hefty cost, with no guarantee of you being approved. We can help you avoid these intermediate steps by helping you to buy a real UK driving license at a cost much lower than elsewhere. No training ground visits or background checks!

Buy driving license with no tests required

It’s hard to imagine how people bear the burden of bureaucracy for documentation that is only meant to serve the administration. You are made to stand in a queue and get rejected for not fulfilling even minor requirements. 

What i need to know before buying a UK drivers license, In order to drive any vehicle on a public road in the UK, you need to have a driving license. Here we will explain the process of applying for a driving license in the UK. Buy full UK driving License

Full drivers license

You can apply for your provisional licence provided you are at least 15 years and 9 months old.

To buy your first Provisional driving license, you need to be a resident of Great Britain, meet the minimum age requirement and meet the minimum eyesight requirement. If you need glasses or contact lenses to meet the eyesight standard, they must be worn every time you drive, or you will be committing an offence.

It costs £430 to apply for a provisional driving licence from the website (or £680 if you apply online). In order to complete your application you do not need a valid UK passport or other form of identity, your National Insurance number and the addresses you lived at in the last three years. It usually takes between one and three months for provisional licences to arrive. Buy Provisional driving license online and receive within a shortest period of 4 days.

Need to buy a UK drivers license

Before you can take your practical test you will need to pass the driving theory test. Once you are ready to take your theory test you can apply online. You will need your provisional driving licence number, an email address to get your booking confirmation and your debit or credit card. It costs £380 to book a car theory test on the website. What You Need To Know Before Buying A UK Drivers License – Buy Full UK Drivers Licenses

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Once you have passed your theory test and have been told by your driving instructor that you are ready to take the practical driving test, then you can book it online. In order to do this you will need your provisional driving licence number and your debit or credit card. On the website it will cost you £620 to book a week day practical driving test and £680 to book a driving test either at the weekend or on a bank holiday. Apply online here >>

Buy Full UK Drivers Licenses

What i Need To Know Before Buy A UK Drivers License

Driving licence categories

There are a number of different driving licence categories, so it is important to make sure that you only drive the vehicles that your licence permits you to. If you hold a full valid driving licence and want to be able to drive large vehicles, minibuses or buses then you will need to complete the DL1 application form and the medical report form DLM1. The medical report form should be completed by a doctor. Once you have received the provisional licence for the new category, you can take the test and upgrade your driving licence.

Find out about the different types of driving licence categories, and see what you’re currently entitled to drive with your standard UK driving licence.

What do the categories on your driving licence mean?

CatergoryTypeAdditional driving testRestrictions
AM2 or 3 wheeled motorsYesMax speed 15.5-28mph
BCarsNoMax 8 passenger seats
B autoAutomatic carsNoN/A
B+ECat B + trailerNoUp to 3,500kg
B1Light vehiclesNoUp to 550kg with goods
CLarge lorriesYesMax trailer 750kg
C+ECat C + trailerYesN/A
C1LorriesYesUp to 7,500kg + 750kg trailer
C1+ECat C1 + trailerYesMax combined weight 12,000kg
DBusYesTrailer up to 750kg
D+ECat D + trailerYesN/A
D1MinibusYesLength max 8m, trailer max 750kg
D1+ECat D1 + trailerYesN/A
GRoad rollerYesN/A
HTracked vehiclesYesN/A
KPedestrian vehiclesNoSelf-propelled
Q2 wheeled motorsNoMax speed 15.5mph

Need to buy a UK drivers license

There are certain medical conditions that prevent individuals from being able to drive, for example epilepsy, sudden fits or seizures. You must tell the DVLA about any health condition which may affect your ability to drive. It is important to tell the DVLA if you develop a ‘notifiable’ medical condition or disability or your condition or disability has got worse since you obtained your driving licence.

If you do not inform the DVLA of your medical condition or disability you may be fined £1000.00 and could be prosecuted if you have an accident. Individuals that are told they are unfit to drive by their doctors must surrender their licences to the DVLA.

With the help of the internet, it is now easier than ever to apply for a UK driving licence. Providing that you can meet the requirements and supply the correct information, you will be in for a quick and easy application process.