Buy uk driving licence without tests

Can I buy driving licence in UK?

Yes, If you are new in the UK or any EU countries, please contact us for information on how to buy a legal driving licence online. Passing theory and practical exams can be difficult but here the process has been summarized. Buy uk driving licence without tests

Apply for a Driving License (DL) if You’re Under 17 Years Old or You’re Over 17 Years Old

You can buy legit UK drivers license and also buy real driving licence with no tests required. process will costs you £680 to apply online which will include theory tests and practical drivers tests certificates.

Buy driving license in UK no tests required

Moreover, All papers are processed with legal authorities. A UK driving license (DL) is a card which gives you permission to operate a motor vehicle.

A DL includes your true full name, birthdate, mailing address, signature, photograph, and physical description. Buy uk driving licence without tests – Buy UK driving license online – Buy Ireland driving license online

Order for a German driving license – Get Real Driving License online  – can i get a driving license in the UK?

We realized that a lot of people, especially foreigners, have difficulties in passing the theory and practical test exams so we had to use this method to help people get the driving license without exams.

Furthermore, it is 100% legal and we follow all standard procedures to make sure that the driving licence is registered by DVLA or the DVA. Buy UK driving licence online

You can buy driving license with no tests needed in 2022

You must apply for a license in the country where you usually or regularly live. As a general rule, it is the country where you live for at least 185 days each calendar year because of personal or work-related ties. Driving license without test UK – Buy UK driving licence

How to buy a UK DVLA driving license Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • If you have personal/work-related ties in a UK or more EU country, your place of usual residence is the place where you have personal ties, as long as you go back regularly.
  • How to buy a UK DVLA driving license Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • To buy a UK driving license during Coronavirus (COVID-19), you do not have to write exams or do a driving test.
  • We are responsible for all documentation till you get your license. Buy driving license In UK,

Buy UK driving license without any test online 2022

In any UK or EU city you live in, you can buy a real driving license online from our service. More so, regularly have clients who buy DVLA registered driving licenses in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Buy UK driving licence.

Furthermore, To apply for a driving licence, you must be normally resident in Ireland. You are considered to be normally resident in Ireland if, because of personal and occupational ties, you usually live here for at least 185 days in each calendar year. Asylum seekers can use their temporary residence certificates as proof of normal residence in Ireland when applying for a driving licence or learner permit.

You are required to carry your driving licence with you at all times when driving. You can download and read the rules of the road (pdf) from the Road Safety Authority website.

The Road Safety Authority has responsibility for driver licensing and the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) manages licence applications and renewals. You can apply to renew your licence online or in person at an NDLS office.

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Standard UK driving licence categories

Find out about the different types of driving licence categories, and see what you’re currently entitled to drive with your standard UK driving licence.

What do the categories on your driving licence mean?
Catergory Type Additional driving test Restrictions
A Motorbikes Yes N/A
AM 2 or 3 wheeled motors Yes Max speed 15.5-28mph
B Cars No Max 8 passenger seats
B auto Automatic cars No N/A
B+E Cat B + trailer No Up to 3,500kg
B1 Light vehicles No Up to 550kg with goods
C Large lorries Yes Max trailer 750kg
C+E Cat C + trailer Yes N/A
C1 Lorries Yes Up to 7,500kg + 750kg trailer
C1+E Cat C1 + trailer Yes Max combined weight 12,000kg
D Bus Yes Trailer up to 750kg
D+E Cat D + trailer Yes N/A
D1 Minibus Yes Length max 8m, trailer max 750kg
D1+E Cat D1 + trailer Yes N/A
F Tractor No N/A
G Road roller Yes N/A
H Tracked vehicles Yes N/A
K Pedestrian vehicles No Self-propelled
Q 2 wheeled motors No Max speed 15.5mph

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